My Experience Microblading Pt. 1

Microblading has been on my radar since the buzz stared a couple of years ago. I was hesitant to jump right in and new when I was finally ready to have it done I wanted the best of the best out there to do it. After seeing Hannah from Super Natural Brows work on Instagram I knew she was exactly that. I reached out and scheduled my initial consultation where she walked me through everything from what natural color she would use and what shape she thought would look best to what to expect for aftercare and long term care to maintain the beauties. She was super thorough and made me feel completely comfortable.

About Hannah + Super Natural Brows: Hannah is a Licensed Master Esthetician which means she has been thoroughly trained and licensed in permanent cosmetics and advanced medical training in the aesthetic field. If there is one thing for you to take from this article it is to understand how important it is to see a Licensed Master Esthetician when having your brows microbladed. Unlike other Permanent Cosmetic Artists, Hannah (or a licensed Master Esthetician) would understand how your skin will react to product, when it is serious and what steps you may need to take in order to resolve the reaction. They have extensive knowledge about the nuances of your skin and with something semi-permanent and on your face it is important you understand who you are working with.

The Appointment: As I laid in the chair and she threw on some numbing cream she walked me through the after care procedure again (noted below). After the numbing cream sat for a few minutes she then mapped out my brows figuring out the shape and symmetry to each of them. I had mentioned to her that my brows felt like step sisters rather than twins based on my right brow which is lower and she informed me this was completely normal! After the mapping she started to microblade! Using the smallest microblade she is able to apply the finest and most natural looking strokes to make your brows look seamless with it’s natural hair. After the first brow she throws on another coat of numbing cream and moves onto the next one. She does this a few times back and forth during which I felt almost nothing. (Seriously guys this is why you go to someone as experienced as her!).

The Results (Pt1): Immediately after my brows looked AMAZING. I could not get over how symmetrical and full they looked. I was and still am very much in love with how they turned out. For me this was a total game changer. I have curly blonde sparse brows which has made it hard over the years to have them seem tamed and shaped properly. Leaving her salon that day had me feeling over the moon confident!

After Care: 

  • Wash brows every 4-6 hours using lukewarm water and use a sterile gauze (supplied for you at the time of service) to pat the area dry
  • Before applying after care ointment, please make sure your hands are washed and clean to avoid the chance of infection
  • Avoid chlorinated water and saunas
  • Avoid direct water on brows for 10 days (in the shower, pools, hot tubs, etc.)
  • Do not apply cosmetics to the brows for 10-14 days following your procedure
  • Do not pick
  • Avoid excess UV exposure. Wear Sunscreen (minimal of 15+)
  • Avoid microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Vitamin A topicals, and laser services surrounding the brow area.

The Results (Pt. 2): Hannah did inform me that they would be darker after they were immediately done and then they would lighten, darken and then settle to it’s color once the 4-6 week healing process was complete. The first week I washed my brows as instructed until the flaking began. The flakiness was the hardest part as I wanted to pick and itch it but refrained (she provides an aftercare ointment that will be your bestie!). I took care of them exactly as noted, but made the grave mistake of going to the beach two weeks after I had gotten them done. It was windy in Oregon so I got some sand stuck in one of my brows which I think ended up exfoliating one spot out on my left brow. I was totally bummed, but I do go back for my final touch up in a couple of weeks in which she will be able to fix my mistake. After my initial appointment she did say that if I loved the shade as it was now that she would be able to go back through and darken it which will overall help give my brows dimension. Since seeing them fully healed now I think I’m going to have her darken them.

I cannot rave enough on how much I love the brows and my experience with Hannah! Her work is truly unmatched. I can’t wait to show you guys the final results in a few more weeks after my touch up! If you have any questions please feel free to email me: or Hannah at!