Finding your perfect scent with Scent Trunk

Who doesn’t love dabbing on a few drops of perfume and conquering the day feeling confident knowing you smell great?! Well I know I do. When the idea from scent trunk was brought to me I knew I just had to try it and let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint.

When you open the box sent to you in the mail you see a little instruction pamphlet and 6 tiny bottles of scents. They range from citrus to woods and each one you get to rate based on your personal tastes.

After you rate each scent you complete the profile and send off your details to one of their experts. The fragrance is designed in house by their accomplished perfumers. The cost being only $11.99 is an amazing steal! What’s even better is if you don’t like the scent created for you, you can send it back for a new one completely FREE!

My personal favorite scents were floral and citrus, with a touch of woods. The scent comes in a little travel size spray bottle and its about a months worth, that way you can change it up again if you want or keep it the same.

I loved my scent and I hope you will too! Head over to to get yours today.