A Guide to a Brighter Smile: Teeth Whitening Review

Do you love coffee and wine? Us too! However I was not loving how stained my teeth were becoming. So when Smile Brilliant had reached out  I knew I had to jump on the opportunity. I had already had a teeth whitening tray fitted for me so this ended up being the perfect opportunity for Chris to test them out.

The fitting process was super easy! If you happened to catch my instastories I highlighted how easy the experience was and how it took less than 15 minutes to create. You first mix the base and the catalyst paste provided in the package, once it is thoroughly blended you will spread the paste evenly through the tray. For the imprints you want to make sure that your teeth are set perfectly i.e. not too deep, too forward etc, the handy guide that comes with your trays will provide clear examples of what the perfect fit will look like. These will set in your mouth for a short amount of time while the imprint is getting set. After that you will let dry for about 30 minutes before putting in the package to ship off for your new trays!

Once we received his tray, whitening and desensitizing gel we were off to the whitening races. We struggled in the beginning seeing our desired results. We both have tooth sensitivity (and love our coffee) so doing treatments every day even with the desensitizing gel was difficult. Thankfully their customer service was outstanding and helped provide me in the right direction to helping us achieve a brighter smile. We ended up shortening our length of time to help our tooth learn to tolerate the gel and immediately followed up with the desensitizing gel to help with any sensitivity or discomfort. From there we were able to build our tolerance up so we could whiten for longer periods of time. We also started doing this right before bed, your teeth after whitening are the most subjective to stains so we changed the timing on when we were whitening as well. I’ve shared Chris’s results below!

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