Going All Natural with Biologique Recherche

As I turned one year closer to 30 this year I wanted to make it my mission to feel more comfortable in my own skin (literally). I’ve always suffered from acne and hyper-pigmentation even as an adult and it has been difficult to treat- I’ve tried everything and even with prescription topical ointment I’ve always found that it has dried my skin or didn’t provide desired results. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Bi0logique Recherche at Penelope Beauty Bar here in Seattle that my skin would forever be transformed! I instantly left the spa GLOWING and my esthetician was very helpful on educating me on each product she used from the brand. Today, I’m sharing my 6 week journey and transformation thanks to Biologique Recherche.

WOW! Even I still can’t believe this is my 6 week transformation! My pigmentation has lightened drastically and I have noticed a big difference in the overall feel to my skin. I am feeling more and more comfortable in my natural skin everyday!

I was intimidated at first to take on so much skincare, I was used to a 3 step program and this nearly doubled with all of the serums, but man I never knew I would love it so much!

Products I am using:

Liat VIP O2 Cleanser: I start with the oxygenating cleanser which gently removes my makeup and impurities without leaving my skin feeling too oily or dry! I travel a ton so this cleanser is key for protecting my skin against any external pollution and harsh climates.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400: This toner is perfect for those who have pigmentation like myself. It is a combination of the Lotion P50 for  exfoliation and the PIGM 400 that has brightening and antioxidant benefits. I have always shied away from toners having the misconception that it would dry my skin, but in fact the Lotion P50 PIGM 400 (or any of the Lotion P50) helps speed up the epidermis’ natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. In my opinion this step has been one of the most key parts to helping get my skin back on track! I now know I could never live without it!

Serums: I utilize three serums that I am super excited to share with you. Each provide amazing benefits!
Serum PIGM 400: This serum was key for my hyper-pigmentation. It has six concentrated active ingredients to prevent and reduce the appearance of existing dark spots. Some of the ingredients include: watercress sprout, wakame seeweed and plum pulp extracts help leave the skin feeling brighter and more illuminated!
Serum Placenta: This serum includes placental biostimulin protein extracts that helps post-acne scaring (thanks to my teen years) and strengthen and rebuild the skin. As a bonus you can apply it under your eyes on the days you feel a little puffy!
Fluide VIP O2 Finishing Serum: I do this step after my facial lotion and it is by far my favorite step. It leaves my skin instantly looking and feeling radiant! This serum is anti-aging, hydrating, regenerating and soothing. + It combats signs of tiredness and instantly diminishing dark circles around the eyes. NEED I SAY MORE?

Creme PIGM 400: This is my second to last step and is tied with the Fluide VIP O2 as my favorite step. It is formulated to prevent and reduce the appearance of dark spots, and brighten the complexion. You can feel the hydration touch your skin as soon so you put it on, which leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and rejuvenated.

I am feeling better and more confident in my skin thanks to the amazing Biologique Recherche skincare products. Previously I would have never thought about leaving my house to even run a small errand without a full face of makeup and now I don’t even think twice! I am wearing less makeup and rocking my natural skin more often. I swear my this product and I am a loyal brand fanatic now!


*Product was gifted to me for this post by Biologique Recherche, however  all opinions are my own!

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  1. Alexis

    Hi there! So I have red post acne scarring and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I currently use the Lait VIP O2, lotion P50 1970, and serum placenta. What would you suggest as the next best product to get to lighten those marks? If you had to order these products you recommend from most effective to least…. how would you order them? I appreciate your help! Thank you! -Alexis

    • Rechelle

      Alexis! Thank you so much for reaching out! I definitely recommend the Serum PIGM 400 that has been a game changer for my dark spots! I also swear by their Creme PIGM 400- it is pretty spendy but worth it! I noticed a HUGE difference with these two products. I tried another hyperpigmentation lotion and it was ok- so I ended up switching back to the CREME PIGM 400! I ordered them through Penelope and the Beauty Bar a spa in Seattle! I will leave the link below. If you create an account you can see pricing and shop online!