Lancer and Lace : Seattle Salon Experience


Two Saturdays ago Kahla and I had the opportunity to go check out Lancer and Lace Salon in Downtown Seattle. Upon arrival we were blown away by the aesthetic and the friendly service from everyone who walked by us. Besides offering amazing quality salon services, the Salon itself felt like an art Gallery and it featured local artists on the walls. As women who take their hair care very seriously we are always excited about working with new stylists but a little nervous – well, at least I am. My mom has been my stylist for my 28 years of life and I always get nervous allowing someone else to touch my hair.



The service we went in for were blowouts, and considering the windy rainy mess that was happening outside we definitely needed them. I (Rechelle) worked with Johnny – you can check out his Instagram HERE. He gave me a tousled beach look that had me wishing for warmer weather and sun dresses! His talent and knowledge for his craft was really impressive. Even so much so that I have booked an appointment with him again to have him cut my hair, which in fact will be the fist time in 28 years I have allowed anyone to give me a full cut besides my own mother. So that definitely speaks volumes about the impression he left upon me. Kahla had the pleasure of working Murphy, they started with a deep conditioning treatment to help restore the softness. After that Murphy mastered the perfect beach waves that gave the perfect tousled but done look. I absolutely loved the way she styled my hair not only did it feel soft and luxurious but voluminous and beautiful! I would definitely go back for another blow out for a girls day or special occasion! You can find her Instagram HERE.



We both left the salon feeling refreshed and beautiful. We would 100% recommend this salon to anyone living in Seattle or to anyone who visits and is looking for that special hairstyle. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we felt comfortable and cared for. Lancer and Lace also offers other services besides haircuts, styling and coloring and you can find the whole list HERE. You can also check out the Lancer and Lace Instagram HERE and their website HERE.