Lash Lift- my lash extension alternative

As some of you may have been following my lash journey I have worn false eyelashes since I was 16. Finally last year I tried eyelash extensions and fell in love. Sadly that love was met with an allergic reaction a few months later in which it took me months to find a solution that I would love again!

My lashes naturally are stick straight, and when I mean straight I mean they won’t curl even with an eyelash curler. For this exact reason was why I started wearing false eyelashes at such a young age. So when I finally tried extensions and fell in love only to find out that my eyes did not I was devastated. Because I work from home I wanted to find something that would be a better and easier alternative than gluing on eyelashes every morning and thus my journey began.

It was suggested by a friend to try a lash lift and so right before my trip to Hawaii back in April I booked an appointment at Antonio Spa and decided to give it a try. The process was easy, painless and instantly became a wonderful new solution to giving my lashes a little lift and tint. A lash lift and tint is a great alternative to anyone who either wants a more natural look or is in a similar boat as me if they have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions. It makes my makeup process easy and seamless especially on the mornings I just want an easy makeup look!

The lash lift and tint lasts 4-6 weeks depending upon upkeep and natural lash shedding. So I went back for a follow up and wanted to capture part of my process and before and after to share with you my results from the follow up appointment!

The process of a lash lift and tint is super easy! After working with my esthetician, Tessa, to discuss desired curl she cleaned and prepped my lashes to adhere them on the rod. Following that she put a safe perming solution on my lashes and let site fora a few minutes. After the solution sits for a few minutes it is then set with a setting solution. To finish she tinted the lashes (again something I discussed with Tessa based on my desired color) and voila my lashes were curly, beautiful and tinted again.

I loved how they turned out, this time I went with a more natural curl and I think when I go back in a few weeks I will try going for a curlier lash! It’s fun getting to play around with my natural lashes and I am starting to enjoy this new look! If you missed any of the instastories on what the process looks like during the appointment I have saved them under my beauty highlight reel!

If you live in the Seattle area I HIGHLY recommend checking out Antiono Spa! If you mention my name you can receive 20% off your service!