My New Addiction: Lash Therapy

I have been wearing falsies since the young age of 16. I tried them for the first time during homecoming week in high school and loved the ways my eyes looked. For the first time I felt my eyes looked like how I thought they should. I always had trouble with my real eyelashes, they are stick straight out and do not hold a curl. I’ve tried everything and even with a perm they didn’t provide the volume I desired. After several years I quickly got the hang of putting my lashes on everyday so once extensions came about I wasn’t jumping on the fad. I mean I was able to make my $5 lashes last close to a month and it was only an additional 5 minutes to my makeup routine- so why splurge on something that needed to be maintained so often? I was told numerous times that I should check them out, but it didn’t spark my interest.
Well 13 years later I finally jumped on that bandwagon. I have been working from home the last two years and during this time I almost never put makeup on unless I had a meeting or photo shoot. I slowly started to notice my 16 year old self conscious creep in and over time I hated my morning routine and actually gave up even getting out of my pajamas- depressing but true. As silly as this sounds I felt that if I started getting in a regular morning routine it might start my day off on the right foot. So I quickly jumped on Instagram to find the perfect lash artist. After looking through yelp reviews and seeing client results I discovered Stephanie from Lash Therapy. As you can see from the photo below she is a true lash artist expert!

What I love so far!
I loved having them on vacation, this was a first for me and a total game changer. I almost never had to think about putting on makeup during our vacation and it made my day so much easier! Aside from that I have noticed myself wake up with a better attitude about my looks, which has translated through the day. I was also surprised for how light they were! I sometimes forget they are even on! After about two weeks and dense humidity I went in for my fill and asked some burning questions. Here were a few that I needed to get clarification on!

After the initial 24 hour waiting period of letting the eyelashes set- can you get your lashes fully wet? 
Stephanie- Absolutely! It is only the first 24 that are crucial
Can you put mascara on them?
Stephanie- Yes! It can be tricky to take off so I recommend that if you would like to put it on to let me know. We can always discuss lash options if you are looking for a darker/denser look.
I sleep on my left side and noticed more fallout on this side- any recommendations? 
Stephanie- try a contoured sleep mask, try your best to sleep on your back or sleep to the edge of the pillow so your lashes won’t get smushed.

I hope you all enjoyed my review and if you have any questions leave them below! Make sure to check Stephanie from Lash Therapy on Yelp and Instagram!