Our Experience with Penelope and The Beauty Bar

Hey guys! We got to enjoy one of the best spas in Seattle and we want to share with you our experience. We went to Penelope and The beauty bar inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle and each received different treatments. If you have ever been to the Fairmont you know that the location and interior is perfect. From the moment we valeted our cars to the treatments received and even the friendliness of the front desk,  everything was superb. Below you will see which treatment each of us received and our experience with it.

Hey guys – Rechelle here! When chatting about what treatment I wanted to receive, I spoke with the helpful staff about my skin concerns and what I was looking to get out of a treatment. They were very thorough an assured me that a COOLsculpt and lift facial would really benefit me. My main concern is the fact that I am starting to show signs of aging with fine lines and wrinkles. It’s sad to me that this is my reality but I guess that’s just one of the pleasures of getting older, right? Lol! The first thing my esthetician did was cleanse my face, if you have ever had a facial before you know that this is one of the best parts. A little facial massage can really make your day better. The next thing she did was apply a serum and gel and she started doing micro current treatments on my face. This is done by slowly rubbing a metal pole across the skin. It was crazy because she mentioned if you had any metal in your face you might feel a little shock. I have a small metal bar behind my teeth as my forever retainer and although I didn’t feel a shock I could faintly taste metal in my mouth. She assured me this was totally normal. If you were curious what the micro current feels like, it’s almost like a small vibration mixed with a little static. It didn’t hurt but I wouldn’t call it relaxing either.


The next step is to use the COOL sculpt gun. When explaining what was going to happen she described it as freezing air that slightly zaps your skin. If you have ever done crootherapy (which I haven’t) she said it feels very similar to this. Again, nothing painful but not relaxing either. When I was done she washed my face again and added on some moisturizer and serums. When I looked in the mirror I was so surprised to see how much tighter my skin was already. It was almost like I had turned on the pretty filter when I took my photo but this time I didn’t have to. You can see my before and after below! It was slightly red from the treatment but nothing I would be embarrassed to walk around with. The next morning, I woke up to even tighter skin and my fine lines on my forehead were almost nonexistent. A total win for me! I would recommend this facial to anyone with aging concerns, it’s not a permanent fix but it definitely slows the process and gives immediate results. I will be going back again soon!

I (Kahla) had the pleasure of working with Angelina one of the best estheticians in Seattle. Upon arrival at the spa and after a delicious glass of bubbly, Angelina greeted me and we discussed my skin concerns. I suffer from acne, hyper-pigmentation and uneven dull skin so she was able to quickly draft up a plan for what services would best suit my needs. I did not get the specific hyper-pigmentation treatment due to the current topical ointment prescribed by my dermatologist, but she was still able to lighten, brighten and make me feel refreshed after my facial!

Here is a breakdown of everything I received while I was there: she started with cleansing  and extractions, followed by a glycolic treatment that helps exfoliate the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin.  After exfoliating we moved into revitalizing and re-energizing the skin by doing an oxygen facial (that smelt delicious!). I relaxed for a few minutes while the oxygen facial was working it’s magic, so naturally I had to take a selfie to see what I looked like- cue photo above. We finished with antioxidant ‘kisses’ aka infusing antioxidants back into the skin, then sealed with a blue LED light therapy which is an anti-bacterial treatment. The final touch was the microcurrent which lifts and contours the skin- it was definitely the most unique to them all! You could feel the vibrations in your face as she rubbed the pads to provide a lift and definition in the skin. I left feeling brighter,  younger and more educated about what products work best for my skin. A huge thank you to Angelina and the Penelope and the Beauty Bar team for helping me transform my skin!

We had the best time being pampered by all the amazing staff and can’g wait to go back again! We HIGHLY recommend this spa to anyone, even if you are just visiting Seattle you have to add this to your list of musts!