Penelope and The Beauty Bar: MBR Tone + GO

While I’ve fully embraced turning 30 my skin has not. Thankfully with a busy schedule, Penelope and the Beauty Bar can fit in the perfect facial and toning treatments to help give my skin and body a little perk! After working with my esthetician, Sawyer, she picked out the perfect products to address all of my current skin concerns. Last time I visited I got hooked on Biologique Rechere product (which I swear by and you can read my post here!), but this time Sawyer customized my facial with Medical Beauty Research (also known as MBR) product. Developed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skincare specialists in Germany MBR’s product is focused on providing a product that will help make your skin more youthful! Their product is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, PEG, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. And is known to provide results such as wrinkle reduction, sun damage reversal and increasing collagen production for more youthful radiant skin!

What is MBR Tone and Go?
An express non-surgical facial that utilizes microcurrents to tone your face along with MBR’s liquid surgery serum to instantly boost a youthful look in your skin helping reduce wrinkles, boost collagen and replenish moisture in your skin.

Can you feel the microcurrents? Is it painful? No and No! The gel the esthetician uses helps ensure a smooth (aka non-painful!) current transmission to help tone the face and reduce wrinkles!

Did you see immediate results? Yes! I definitely noticed a difference in my skin and a reduction of fine lines after the facial. It is recommended to have multiple treatments over a period of time for best results!

It felt wonderful to finish after the facial with a quick 30 minute pop in the Infrared Pod. Lined with jade the infrared pod has so many amazing health benefits including: reducing stress and fatigue, detoxifying body, improving lymphatic circulation and so much more!

Even though it was quick the process overall was very relaxing and definitely needed right before all of the wedding festivities began! I’m excited to continue finding products and services that help my skin look and feel more youthful and sharing these processes with you! Leave any questions in the comments below!

Like Kahla, I also got the MBR tone and Go facial. This facial was pre-wedding and I expressed my concerns to my esthetician – aging, fine lines and wrinkles. She worked with me to create a custom facial that fits my needs. I love when they do this because not everyone’s skin is a one size fits all situation. We started the facial with a double cleanse using the MBR milk cleanser. I am not usually a milk cleanser fan but this one felt and smelled amazing. It also didn’t dry out my skin as some cleansers can. Then we did a cooling algae mask which she mixe with ice water, it was extremely cold but helped tighten up my pores and overall tighten my skin. This was a peel-off mask and that process was so satisfying. The facial continued with more peptid infused serums, another mask, and some moisturizing. I really felt like after my facial my skin was immediately tighter and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles had been reduced.

Why I love Penelope and the beauty bar: Penelope and the beauty bar is not only relaxing and beautiful but the knowledge from their estheticians is what really sells me every time. They take the time to hear your concerns and then walk you through the process. You still get to relax and enjoy yourself but you are also gaining important knowledge about how to better take care of your skin, which is the main reason we get facials in the first place.

How often should you get facials? If you are able you should be getting facials once a month. If you are doing a more invasive facial then you should consult with your esthetician as some require more downtime.

Now that I am thirty I have been trying my best to keep on top of my skincare, I have switched to clean products and do my best to wash my face twice a day (is it sad I still struggle to do this?). Adding in facials has been a lifesaver and well worth the money in my opinion. Let us know if you head to Penelope and the beauty bar and what your thoughts are!

Kahla + Rechelle