Perfect Beach Waves: Summer Beauty Favorites Under $10

We both have naturally curly hair so this time of year can be quiet tricky styling our tresses to obtain those perfect beachy waves without the frizz. Luckily we’ve found our favorites, not only are they easy to get at your local QFC, Kroger or Fred Meyer but they are also under $10!

Sauve Sleek Anti-Frizz Smooth and Shine Cream: Is it just us or does everyone’s hair become a frizzy wild mess during the summer? Thankfully we stumbled upon this gem and it quickly become a staple in our beauty assortment. Starting with damp hair put a dime size amount in your palm to work into your hair. Blow dry or air dry and style as desired! This product is magic for our frizzy hair during these humid months. It helps keep our locks smooth and refined helping us achieve effortless waves without the frizz!

Dove Dry Shampoo: Not only is this perfect for the days you skip washing your hair, but you can also utilize dry shampoo to help add texture and volume to your hair! The Dove Dry Shampoo is our personal favorite not only because it does the job without leaving any residue but it smells lovely! I always keep this in stock, especially for when I travel. Depending upon your wash cycle I would add this as your first or second step. Simply spray your roots and let sit for a few minutes before styling!

Dove Flexible Hold Hair Spray: To finish add the Dove Flexible Hold Hair Spray that is light in texture but helps hold your hair style all day (or night!) long!


This post is a sponsored collaboration with Kroger and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are our own.