New Year, New Design, and New Home Updates

Happy New Year! Now that the Holidays are over and things have slowed down a little, at least for the moment, I always love to spend my time exploring new trends for the year. My most favorite thing to do besides updating my wardrobe is making minor tweaks around the home to make sure it is not outdated. It’s surprising what a new pop of color or even moving around furniture can do. Here is a list of 7 trending home updates for 2017.


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While pastels shades are currently having their moment, jewel tones are coming to take over the color palettes of homes. You can easily update a room by switching out your neutral tones and trading it with pops of color. Feeling more dramatic? Add an accent wall in a rich color like emerald. As much as I hate to admit that the soft colors of 2016 are slowly fading out, the trend forecasters are saying that by summer time jewel will be all the rage.


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This is a trend that we slowly saw picking up momentum toward the end of 2016 and moving into the New Year we will continue to see more of it. Take note, however, that too many prints can make a room too busy or loud and its not always inviting. Start simple, mix patterns with like colors and only do it one area.

3 of 7: CORK WALLS

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Cork walls are not only visually appealing but they are eco friendly, block out excess noise and can easily be applied and taken down from walls. Not to mention, they also can double as a trendy task board in an office for posting on the go to-dos.


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It’s no surprise that with the 2017 Pantone color of year being greenery that we would see lots of green popping up. From the runway to design studios we will be seeing it everywhere and with so many different shades to choose from it’s an easy one to incorporate into any space.

5 of 7: TEXTURE

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As much as I would love to run out and grab a velvet couch for my living room I am going to be doing a little more budget friendly updates by adding texture through tapestries and pillows. Nothing is more inviting in a space then something that makes people want to go over and touch it.


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Unfortunately I do not own my own home so I wont be able to do any tile work this year but I am crossing my fingers this trend sticks around because it might be one of my favorites. From kitchens floors to back splash and even accent walls, pattern tile is making its way into homes new and old.


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Bring the outdoors inside by integrating natural organic materials like wood and stone into your everyday home space. Also, the fact these shelves are floating is also on trend. This photo is linked with a DIY project if you are feeling up for the challenge.

What trends are you loving so far this year?

XO, Rechelle