Weekend getaway with Hotel Modera

If your summer has been anything likes ours then almost every weekend has been filled with vacations, weddings or simply a few days off to yourself. Erik and I had the chance to go visit one of our absolute favorite cities -Portland – and we got to check out the newly renovated Hotel Modera! 


Upon walking into the hotel, you will right away enjoy the aesthetic and appreciate the friendliness of the staff. From the valet to the front desk, everyone had smiles on their faces and were eager to answer our questions and help us out. One of the most important parts of a hotel to me is location – and Hotel Modera is in such a central location that even though we had a car we walked everywhere. One thing to mention about Portland too is that this city is so clean! Strange point to bring up, I know, BUT as someone who lives in Seattle – walking downtown at night isn’t my favorite thing to do – and while walking around the hotel at 10pm it was so clean and quiet. Erik and I were joking at one point that we might actually be the only people awake. Now don’t be worried that the city is sleepy because the minute we walked into a bar it was full.

Image taken from Hotel Modera Website

If you want to leave the hotel for a drink – which you don’t have to – we highly recommend checking out Barlow. This was such a fun little spot to grab a craft cocktail before heading to bed. They actually cooled our martinis with liquid nitrogen, a great drink and a show is always high on my list!

Also within walking distance is VooDoo donuts which is a MUST HAVE when visiting Portland. These things are something to write home about, and you can tell by the line even at 1 am that people love them just as much as we do!

The best part about Hotel Modera though, is that you truly never have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. The room was so cozy and clean and had the softest bed that I did not want to get out of every morning. The bathrooms were extremely clean and the marble finishes had me in awe – definitely spa like – and the lighting was amazing. Silly again to mention something so small, but I know all my makeup wearing friends out there can agree that poor hotel lighting is the worst when it comes to putting makeup on.

Feeling Hungry? Take a walk down to the lobby where Nel Centro -One of the top rated restaurants in Portland resides – and enjoy one of the best meals Portland has to offer! Erik and I had lunch out on the patio one day and really enjoyed not only the great food and rose’ but the most beautiful living wall. Portland’s first living wall to be exact! Now if only I could figure out how to make one in my own backyard 🙂



From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were so pleased by the staff, the location, the amazing food AND the attention to detail that the hotel offers. We highly recommend if you are staying in Portland to choose Hotel Modera and I know that it will be our hotel of choice from here on out!

XOXO, Rechelle