Floral Beach Maxi

Floral Maxi: Here // Dolce Vita Sandals: Here

Some of you may not know, but Seattle has some really amazing beaches. They are surrounded by gorgeous mountains and lush green trees. I have always loved coming to the beach and since it’s finally getting warmer here I took advantage and went and played around in the sadly still freezing water. Our beaches are packed with people during the summer so I like sneaking out here on weekdays to sit, watch the waves and just enjoy all this city has to offer. My Maxi is from American Eagle and the High School Freshman in me jumped for joy a little when I randomly wandered in there the other day. To my surprise they had some really trendy things, they are not all eagle logo tees anymore people. It’s definitely worth the look! Best part is it just went on sale and is only $30!

XOXO, Rechelle

PC : Jenna Lynn Photography