Floral Maxi for fall

I don’t know about you guys but the thought of fall being around the corner does make me a little giddy. No, I am not a PSL girl but there is something so nostalgic to me about the color of the leaves changing and the smell of the air getting more crisp.

Do you know what I love about maxi dresses? They transition perfectly into the fall season. They are light enough that you aren’t sweating all day but they also cover enough that you aren’t freezing. Add a jacket over your shoulders to keep you warm in the morning and afternoons and you are good to go. This one by Socialite is especially a favorite. I love the fun pattern and the side swung slit up the front. Do you think I did a few twirls while photographing this dress? You would be correct if you answered yes. 

XOXO, Rechelle