Travel Guide: Italy Part 2: Almalfi Coast

Cheers! If you’ve been following along then you know this is the last piece of my two week adventure in Europe! Thank you for following along and reading through my journey. It still feels like a surreal dream that we got to take a trip of a lifetime surrounded by some of our closest friends and family. The last 5 days we spent in the Amalfi Coast which was at the top of my bucket list and a place I’ve always dreamed of going. The picturesque cities on the coast sit against the hillside where windy roads wrap the edge of the coast making it feel like a scene from a dreamy movie. 

Positano & Praiano: As you can tell in a lot of our photos it is a bit hazy. Unfortunately most of the coast was having some hillside fires (thankfully they were all maintained and everyone was safe and sound!). We stayed in Praiano, a smaller and quieter town about 15 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride from Positano. We spent most of our time either in Positano or at OneFire in Praiano enjoying the beach, but our place did make it nice for a quiet evening after a long day in the sun to sit outside enjoy a glass of wine and play some Uno under the stars. 
Places to see: 
– OneFire: a beach club in Praiano that can be accessed by the bus or a boat if you’re coming from Praiano. It’s a lively scene with fresh fruit cocktails, music and bright orange umbrellas. 
– Shopping: The streets are lined in Positano with cute shops from souvenirs to clothing
– Positano beach: Rent a chair layout and drink a few cocktails! 

Places to Eat: 
– Must try: Lemon Rissotto & Lemon Granita. Both are delicious and can be found at many restaurants and shops along the coast.
– OneFire: Aside from their cocktails they also serve delicious Mediterranean food! Fresh and light which was perfect after a few swims in the sea. 
– Ristorante Max: located in Positano this delicious spot also serves as an art gallery. The food here was matched with fantastic service!

Day Trip to Capri: We were traveling as a group of 8 so our party was quite large. We knew we wanted to head out to Capri and looked to see if we could find an affordable option for a private tour. We got extremely lucky and our Airbnb host set up a tour for us to have a boat for the day. I would highly recommend this as our driver took us to some private coves and we got to pick and chose what, where and how long we wanted to stay in each area. The water here isn’t justified in photos, it was so blue it took my breath away! It was one of my favorite memories on the trip that I will cherish forever. 

Why Lemons are life in the coast: Not only are they every where but they are in a lot of dishes! I think I ate lemon risotto every day which was totally justified with the 10,000 stairs a day we had to take to get anywhere on the coast! 

Thank you all for following along and reading! I’m already ready to plan our next trip. We need suggestions! Where should we go?