A walk in Ballard

The best part about being a blogger is all the amazing people that we get to meet. I’m not sure most of you know, but my boyfriend Erik takes about 90% of my photos. Cheers to all the “insta” boyfriends out there who put in work for their ladies! He does a great job and I love having him on hand all the time but I also like to give the guy a break. I decided it was time to expand my photographer reach and when I reached out to Sarah Wolfe (@swolfephoto), she immediately agreed to work with me! You can see all of her work at her website here …. She is super talented and I was so excited to work with her. We decided to shoot in Ballard, which is something I have never done. Erik and I aren’t that great at our photography skills yet so when photographers suggest places (let’s be honest, anything besides our backyard) I get a little giddy! I wish I could magically have the talent of a professional photographer but hey at least I have a goal I am working towards. We shot three different outfits and she even let Erik jump in a couple photos, bless his heart he is SO patient and GOOD to me! I hit the jackpot with this duo (he held my things, she took my pictures) and it was all around a great evening in Ballard. You will be seeing lots of her work on our page in the future. 

XOXO, Rechelle

Photos all taken by Sarah Wolfe www.swolfephotography.com

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