The perfect bag for a weekend getaway

You guys are well aware that we both love to travel BUT traveling internationally isn’t always the most budget friendly option. To stay within our budget we take lots of little weekend trips to places that are close to us in Seattle. This weekend Erik and I (Rechelle) are taking the clipper over to Victoria, BC to enjoy all that the little Island has to offer. Whenever I travel I always take my Delsey USA luggage – And for quick little trips like this, my carry on is the perfect size.

I love that it has two enclosed sides that zip to protect my belongings while holding them in place so that they don’t get super wrinkled. I usually load up one side with shoes, accessories and makeup and the other with my clothes. This gives me the piece of mind that none of my clothes are getting dirty and if that bottle of shampoo leaks it won’t be getting on anything that I can’t clean easily and right away.

The carry on also comes with shoe bags and I love this because I always end up bringing that one pair of suede heels that I like to keep protected. I went with a hard outer shell because of the durability and the fact that it keeps clean longer. We all have had at least one piece of luggage get ruined by an airline and my luggage still looks brand new even after multiple trips in the car and on the plane.  I think the best part of this bag though is the built in lock. You can program it to any code you want and its so easy to lock and unlock. This always make me feel extra safe when traveling with expensive items.

Delsey is our go to when it comes to traveling in style and I can’t wait to share our trip with you when we get back!

XOXO, Rechelle

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