Victoria Emerson

Hey babes! If you have been following us for awhile now then you know how much we LOVE Victoria Emerson! There is just something about super easy jewelry pieces that we can’t get enough of.

If you are new and haven’t heard of Victoria Emerson, then we will fill you in. They are known for their wrap bracelets that come in multiple colors and styles and then our personal favorite the boho bracelet which allows you to wear multiple bracelets that are all attached for the perfect arm stack! We love that the wrap bracelets can be worn multiple ways and fit any wrist size. There are four different sizing options on each bracelet and you can just cut the end off of the bracelet once you find your size. This is especially important for someone who has tiny wrists, like us! We also love that they look amazing paired with another style, for that extra stacked look.


What we love most about Victoria Emerson is the price. Currently you can get free shipping if you spend over $50! All of the jewelry is extremely affordable and the quality for the price is even better. You know how sometimes when you buy less expensive jewelry it only takes a couple times wearing it for it to tarnish or start to fall apart? Well, we have been wearing Victoria Emerson jewels for months on end and they have held up so well! Victoria Emerson is far more than just bracelets though, they have a collection of zodiac necklaces, which are definitely on our list for what to get next! They also carry watches and scarves.

These are some of our current favorite styles. We love the mixing of beads with crystals and the different textures the wraps have. These are always a great conversation piece and people are always complimenting us on them! You can shop for your own HERE

Leave us a comment and let us know which style is your favorite!