Our experience with CaseApp

If you are anything like us, you LOVE changing your phone case. Switching it up per season or even to match a certain outfit? We are always looking for cases that are trendy and super durable. There is nothing worse than snagging a cute new case for your phone only to find out that the minute you drop it your screen shatters. UGH, I totally cringe at the thought of a shattered screen.  CaseApp makes it super easy to custom design a phone case for your phone as well as skins for you laptop.

We were very happy with the type of cases that they have and the way they have gone about making them. The dual liner means that your case is held on extra tight and it has that extra cushion to protect it from a fall. It is very durable without being super bulky. If you are like us you prefer a slimmer case that is easier to hold and can still slide into your pockets all the while still being safe in a case.

Now if you don’t want to make your own custom case, they have premade cases for you. These are just a couple of my favorites. We however chose to make our own. We are creatives after all and love having something different than everyone else. The process was super easy and the directions easily walked us through each step.

These are the designs we came up with and we love them. We especially like that we were able to add in our own logo. What better way to promote yourself than with a conversation piece that you constantly have with you.

If you would like to create your own you can do so with a 20% off discount using the code SOS20 Just head over to www.caseapp.com and get started!