City Cycle + Homegrown Blogger Event

We absolutely love working with local people! There is something about community that makes living in a particular place that much more special, don’t you agree? We have so many big ideas that we want to share with all of our readers and we were given the opportunity to put one of those ideas in motion last month. YAY!

The idea came to mind when we heard that City Cycle (a spin studio) here in Greenwood would be opening up! We have always loved spin and the idea behind getting on a bike for 45 minutes, sweating away all your stress and anxiety while listening to music that pumps you up. Not to mention fun color changing lights that have you racing to the finish line. I mean lets be real, working out isn’t always fun so when you find something that makes it more enjoyable you have to jump on it! 

The whole staff at City Cycle is amazing! From the spin instructors to the front desk they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Have you ever been to a new workout class and just felt totally out of place? I know we have, but when we tried City Cycle for the first time the instructors were so friendly and helpful and that even though we still felt a little clueless we were at least ready to try our best!

We had our blogger event on a Sunday and the ladies at City Cycle had the studio stay open late for us so that we could enjoy the space all to ourselves (I told you they were the best)! So we started the morning by getting everyone checked in and ready on the bikes. Cheney (who is amazing btw) led the class and the ladies rocked it out on the bikes for 45 minutes. After the class was finished and everyone had the chance to catch their breath and freshen up a bit we had a little lunch.

I mentioned we LOVE working with local vendors, right? Well if you are in the Seattle area and you haven’t checked out Homegrown yet, then get up right now and go. No seriously, do it. I could literally eat there everyday and I wouldn’t even feel guilty about it. They care so much about where our food comes from and how the people, animals and the land are treated along the way that they started their own farm! Talk about keeping it local! We love what they stand for as a brand and thought it was a perfect match for this health inspired event. 

Homegrown catered our after workout lunch with their Beet Salad Bowl (personal favorite), Chicken Salad Bowl, Chicken Pesto sandwich platter (also a favorite), Hummus and roasted pepper sandwich platter AND Turkey bacon avocado sandwich platter. Needless to say all of us ladies were VERY satisfied with the food. 

During our lunch and mingle time we did a little give away, because well who doesn’t love to win free stuff? We partnered with some of our favorite and (local again) brands! City Cycle provided the winner with a super cute and cozy wide neck sweatshirt, FLhair accessories donated some super trendy hair ties to keep our hair back during our workouts (or for a messy bun day) and SEVEN hair care set up our winner with some our favorite products which include their shampoo and conditioner and their to die for dry shampoo. 

We loved hosting this event and can’t thank the ladies of City Cycle enough for partnering with us and opening their studio to all of us ladies. Another huge Thank You goes out to Homegrown for catering our lunch and giving us ladies the best after workout meal.


Click here for your first ride with City Cycle (its free)!

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