Dating When You Work Opposite Schedules

Whether it was an EMT or Emergency Veterinary Technician, Chris and I have always been on opposite schedules. We rarely get to see each other throughout the week, whether I’m traveling or Chris is working over time so over the years we have come up with a few key ways to continue to date each other despite our conflicting schedules. 

Coffee or Cocktail Dates: We’ve gotten in the habit of every Saturday morning grabbing coffee and catching up with each other for the week. If we can’t make coffee work then we find a place that we can grab a drink after work (schedule permitting). Based on our schedules dinner is usually off of the table so making either of these two a priority is crucial for a little date outside the house. 
Hidden Notes: I love getting up in the morning to a post-it note hidden somewhere in the house where Chris has left me a sweet message. It’s a small but impactful way we show each other how much we mean when we can’t get face time. 
No Phone Zone: Anytime we have a little bit of time together we agree that this is a no phone zone. They have become a big distraction, especially since my work is all done through the phone, so putting it down for the hour allows us to reconnect with no distractions.
Working Lunch: This one is harder to do especially since Chris works in a field where an emergency can arise at any time, but when we can make it work it’s a sweet way to surprise one another at either of our work to have a lunch date. 

Do you have a significant other that works opposite schedules? What works for you? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Anastasia Abdoo

    My boyfriend is a police officer, but luckily we have around the same schedule most days. The days that I don’t work when he does. I make sure to do my work as quickly and efficiently as possible so we do have some free time.

  2. Kayla Grey

    I love these tips! When my husband and I had opposite schedules he would come home from work to have lunch, or I would leave a note in his lunch box. Unfortunately, we can’t do either of those now. Hmmm…. may have to start leaving hidden notes in his jacket pocket! 😛