30 Goals I want to Accomplish By the Time I’m 30

As the last of my twenties are officially here I thought I would share 30 goals I have for myself for this next year!
1. Self Love
I have never in the 29 years of my life really truly loved myself. I’ve seen myself in all stages and I am still my worst enemy pointing out my worst flaws. I am working on being more thoughtful with my words, kinder to myself and loving every “flaw” that I once saw as an imperfection. 
2. Learn When To Let Go
Whether it’s work (full-time or the blog) I have a hard time understanding when I should put things down and give myself a break. This also goes with any project or mistake I make. I have a hard time letting go of that decision I made or the action I took. I would love to get to a place of learning to go more with the flow and live less in my head.
3. Quit Comparing
Have you ever heard the quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy”? This quote has always stuck with me and while I have over the past few years been better about not comparing my journey to others I still will catch myself comparing myself (especially in the virtual world we live in) with others. I will continue to work on quitting this habit!
4. Get Outdoors
I’ve always loved being active. This year I would love to kick this up a notch and spend more time outdoors and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest!
5. Be More Consistent
I am a last minute game time crunch person. I thrive on last minute deadlines and constantly set goals for the short term. I am working on becoming more consistent from my study in the Bible to working out a set number of days a week. I’ve found that setting my timeline for three months has been a healthy balance between my short term tendencies while building on my long term goals.

6. Be More Present
I constantly check myself checking my phone to make sure I am responding to all of my comments, emails and DMs in a timely manner, but what I have gotten in the bad habit of is letting that take time away from my hubby, friends and family. You may hear a little less from me right away but know I am spending more time focusing on not missing out on time with my loved ones.
7. Prioritize Myself
My priorities have been really out of focus the last 6 months. I am constantly working and with my goals of being more present I’m learning to say no to things that are not aligning with my long term goals and saying yes to more time focusing on my personal goals.
8. Give Back
Giving back to the community has always been really important to me. Since moving from Vegas I haven’t given back as much as I would like so I’m setting this as one of my “consistency” goals to accomplish this year!
9. Hustle..Harder
Last year was quite the year of learning as we started the blog. Now that we have been up and running for a year I am setting a goal to really start hustling for SEA of Sanctuary and building more brand partnerships and expanding our knowledge even further.
10. Attempt to Try New Things
I am an introvert so trying new things can be pretty overwhelming.  I would love to expand my horizon outside of fashion and try a few new areas that I am interested in: Home Decor and Event Planning. I’ve said this for the last year that it was something I wanted to focus more on and I plan on embracing and sharing more of this all with you this year!

11. Embrace Failure
I tend to lean on the side of perfection so I am learning to embrace when things don’t go as planned and learning from each experience.
12. Be More Open and Vulnerable
As I learn and fail I hope to take you all along my journey! I also hope to be more open about my past with you in the upcoming months and touch on some topics that have been heavy on my heart. I’m hoping this opens up to build a stronger community and reconnect with those who have been through similar things!
13. Live Less by Schedule and More by Spontaneity
Some days I feel like I am scheduled down to the minute and while that has been working for my consistency where it fails me is that I feel like I can drown myself in my days and set myself up for unrealistic expectations. I want to start letting myself have more time to live more in the “unknown” than what is in my planner.
14. Continue to Travel- Locally and Globally
Kicking off the first trip this year is Bali, followed by Palm Springs, and then in August/September Chris and I will head off to Greece and one other country in Europe ending in New York City for NYFW!
15. Complete My First 5k
I have never been a big fan of running, but we have the very exciting opportunity in partaking in the Refuse to Abuse 5K in July. I cannot explain my excitement that this will be my first half marathon that I will run in!

16. Learn a New Skill
I’ challenging myself to learn a new skill that I am interested in such as calligraphy, photo editing, video editing and photo taking all of which are high on my list to learn this year!
17. Spend Time Meditating
Working two jobs can be quite stressful so I am wanting to spend more time in the evening winding down and meditating. This will help my mind disconnect from my endless “To-do” list as I am trying to get a goods night rest!
18. Reconnect with Friends
Time is flying by and life has happened so fast in between. I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen or spoken to in awhile and reconnecting our friendships!
19. Compliment Others More!
Compliments cost me nothing but a few seconds of time and can truly make other days brighter. I want to be better about spreading positivity to random strangers!
20. Host More Events
As stated above one of my goals this year is to share more of my passions such as event planning! I hope to throw several fun get togethers and unique ideas to share with all of you on the blog!

21. Finish Painting My House White….
Now that I have taunted you all with the my white paint dilemma on InstaStories I have set a goal to paint one room in my house a month to hopefully be complete by the time we are ready to start with our kitchen renovation this summer!
22. Fear of Heights and the Bali Swing
I hate heights, even just the thought has my palms sweating! There is this incredible swing in Bali that I am dying to get on and I am hoping that I am (even if it’s for a brief moment) conquer my fear of heights to really partake in the experience!
23. Connect More With My Influencer Community
I have built such an amazing foundation of boss babes that I’ve met my first year of blogging and I look forward to getting to know even more. If you live in the Seattle or Las Vegas area I would love to get to know you more! Send me a DM on Instagram to connect!
24. Research Adoption
Eventually Chris and I would like to adopt. I know this can take a couple of years to get together and I would love to start looking into all of our options so when the time comes we are ready to make that decision!
25. Surprise Chris More
He is the most patient, kind hearted human being I have ever met. I’ve done a horrible job showing my appreciation for him this past year and I am starting to make sure this is a top priority for me!

26. Get Through a Kitchen Renovation
One big task this year we have on our plate is re-doing our kitchen to really open up our space. I have a hard time living in a mess so this kitchen remodel is really going to test my patience but I know the outcome is going to be so worth it!
27. Be More Thoughtful with My Words
Tying this back into self love and complimenting others I want to be more thoughtful with what I say to myself and to others around me. Whether this be writing a note, sending a text or giving a call to a loved one I want to spend more time letting others around me know how much they mean to me in my life!
28. Embrace My Decisions
I am often in my head and making a decision can be quite the task. As silly as this seems to me picking out an outfit or finding that “perfect” photo for Instagram can be quite the task. I want to become more comfortable taking risks with my decisions and seeing it through even if it does not work out to they way I thought it might!
29. Study Daily in the Word
Lately I have been enjoying my morning coffee routine and reading my daily devotional. I’ve noticed this has made a big impact of positivity in my life from work to marriage just by getting my morning reading in.
30. Learn to Manage and Conquer my Anxiety and Depression
I’ve struggled for some time with depression and anxiety and lately I’ve come to the conclusion this isn’t something I am able to conquer on my own. I have been so thankful this past year for everyone who has been patient with me during this process. With some new tools in my belt and learning when I can/cannot control these swings has made it more manageable. As I open up more about some of these topics with you I will be sharing my journey and what I have found to be helpful in managing this for me in my life.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I look forward to what this next year is going to bring me in life.

Photos taken by my crazy talented beautiful, boss babe blogger and friend: Shaylyn Rae

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