5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas

Picking the perfect gift to celebrate one of the most important woman in your life can be quite the task. We thought we would share 5 thoughtful gift ideas that will have her feeling refreshed and loved!

(photo via Pinterest)

  1. Breakfast in Bed: Start her day off by cooking her favorite breakfast meal in bed! She will appreciate the morning off and enjoy the pampering.
  2. Spa Day: Whether at home or at a spa pampering her is a must this day! Can’t afford a luxury massage or facial? Run her a bubble bath, light her favorite candle and let her have some time to relax.
  3. Girls Day:  Here are a few of our favorite ideas to spend time with our mamas. Wine tasting, a cooking class, floral arrangement class, or out for a hike! She will appreciate the day of activities!
  4. Keep it personal: Put together a photobook with some of your favorite memories, snag a personalized piece of jewelry or create a constellation map of the night you were born.  Keeping it personal will create a one of a kind gift that she couldn’t get anywhere except from you.
  5. Let her pick! Not sure what to give her? Let her pick her favorite thing to do and join her for favorite day! I mean today is about her right?

Kahla + Rechelle

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