Babes + Bubbles Bridal Shower

When you have the most creative best friend and matron of honor in the world, all your Pinterest dreams come true when she throws you the bridal shower of the century! Fingers crossed our wedding isn’t upstaged by her vision 😉 The theme of our wedding is modern romance and I feel like Kahla hit it out of the park with the same theme for the shower. Since our wedding colors are Erik friendly (meaning no pink lol) Kahla picked a girls’ dream shower with shades of pink and rose gold! She made sure to incorporate my favorite flowers peonies and dahlias and to even add in pampas grass which will be making a debut at the wedding as well. We have been using Minted for all our printing needs for the wedding and knew that we wanted to do the same when it came to the bridal shower. I am always in awe of their designers and how easy they make it to customize nearly anything. Believe it or not, my shower invites were actually wedding invitations but with a few easy customizations and help from the design team hey were easily transformed. Something else to note is how many options minted has. From foil printed to watercolor, there truly is something for every bride. Even more so we love that there are full suites to use, this makes it a breeze to keep all your paper details cohesive and in theme for your party or event.

Kahla knows that my drink of choice is bubbly and she made sure to have lots on hand for our guests. I think it makes any event more special when the drink-making is interactive. Big bonus she didn’t even have to leave the house to get the best champagne for our event, she used and each bottle was better than the last. Pro-tip, add some sparkling rose, this gives your guests even more options and you can never go wrong with rose.

The second most important part of the shower was making sure to feed our guests. No one wants to go hungry when they are hanging out for hours and especially when they are drinking. Kahla knows that I am not much of a cake fan and since we are doing donuts at the wedding she made sure to incorporate that into her plan as well. I was so in love with the little donut “cake” and how pretty she made it with the flowers. She got the donuts from Dunz Donuts and let me tell you, they melted right into your mouth and were the absolute best I have had in a long time. I may have taken a few extra to bring home for later just because they were that good! Kahla also made sure to get the queen of charcuterie for the bridal shower Grate Boards because who doesn’t love fresh fruit, cheese, and meat? I know I do, I could honestly eat cheese and crackers as a meal and that’s basically hat I did that day! The presentation is such a conversation piece and it was gone by the end of the event.

In the theme of personalization and modern romance, Kahla knocked it out of the park with these macaroon favors from Macadons. I wish I would have thought about this earlier because these would honestly be such a great wedding thank you gift. They were not only beautiful but so delicious as well. Macadons can actually screen print almost anything on their macaroons and to me, that is a huge feature.

My bridal shower wouldn’t have been complete without all these amazing guests – my friends and family. I honestly feel so lucky to have such a great support system behind me as I take on this new chapter in my life and know I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without the love and support they give me. This shower was just as much for me as it was for them and it was a day that I will never forget. Kahla, per usual, really outdid herself. She hosted the shower of my dreams and I am forever grateful for this wonderful day and the memories we made.

Stationary: Invites, Menus, Labels and Thank You Tags and Cards by Minted,

Food: Cheese Board by Grate Boards//Donuts by Duzn Donuts//Personalized Macaroons by Macadons