How I achieved the best night’s sleep

Have you ever had a night or many nights of restless sleep? This has been the story of my life since I can remember. Even as a kid I would often find myself getting up in the middle of the night to stretch my legs because I could never get comfortable enough and my legs would have this sensation to move all night. Then cue college when stress and anxiety set in and everything combined was enough for me to seek medical help. After several doctors visits and being diagnosed with Restlesss Legs Syndrome, I finally found a solution that would help ease me into sleep.

If you’ve ever had restless legs you know what a nuisance it can be. Restless legs cause sensations in the legs that can feel like a muscle spasm, twitching or tingling in your legs. It usually peaks during hours of rest causing a restless nights sleep. Unfortunately there is often no known cause behind them, but can be treated with medical help.

I personally didn’t find any medication to be effective, but after some research I discovered that magnesium and sleeping in a cool environment including a trick of keeping a cool wash cloth to lay on my legs and feet did the trick. I realized through all of my efforts the thing that eased my muscles the most and eased me into sleep quickly was keeping my body temperature low by creating a cold circulation. This has been my solution for the last few years until I discovered ChiliPad.

What is ChiliPad?
ChiliPad is a sleep system technology that includes a hydro-powered mattress pad, thermal regulating cube(s) and remote to control your unit(s). You can heat or cool your bed anywhere from 55-115°F.

The dual control units allow for each sleeper to control your temperature based on your desires. The units are filled with distilled water that circulates throughout the pad that goes under your fitted sheet. As the water circulates through the system your bed has the ability to cool down or heat up.

How sleep impacts your life:
When our body can’t efficiently shed heat, we struggle to get to sleep.
Sleep plays a vital role in our mental and physical health. Lack of sleep and sleep deprivation have been shown to impact your mood, memory and health including: stress, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, weight gain due to cravings, high blood pressure, and heart disease (just to name a few).

A cooler bed and sleeping environment can greatly help your sleep cycle. Here are a few benefits listed from Chili Pad’s website on why:

  • The quicker the body can shed heat, the quicker it can get to sleep.
  • The faster it gets to sleep, the faster the sleep cycle kicks in.
  • The sooner the sleep cycle kicks in, the sooner your body can begin the natural process of repairing cellular structures, making sense of the brain’s memory of events, and preparing the body to power through the next day.

Tips, Tricks and my testimonial:
– Dual Zones- you have the option for a dual system allowing you and your partner to customize your temperature. I need my side of the bed to be much cooler than Chris’s. The ability of customizing our temperature is key for both of our preferences for sleep.
– Cost Effective: We live in Seattle and electricity is extremely expensive to run so while we have an AC unit in the summer it is the most expensive time of year for our energy bill. Thankfully in the evenings we were able to utilize our ChiliPad in lieu of our AC that helped us cut costs on our energy bill. *This may not work in every city depending upon the climate
– SLEEP. Deep sleep- faster. As your body cools more quickly it helps you ease in to sleep faster.

– Takes a few minutes to cool down. The OOLER system seems to have better benefits and more control with this as you can attach your app to your system customizing your time and temperature.
– The control unit isn’t super pretty to look at and does need space around it to work efficiently.

Tip: I recommend turning the ChiliPad on 30 minutes prior to bed to allow the system to circulate and cool the bed down prior to getting into it. If you get into it instantly it will eventually cool down I have just found it takes longer as it is fighting against your own body temperature to get to the desired temperature.

Do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY. I cannot even begin to tell you the impact this has made in my life as well as my husbands! My body instantly cools down allowing my muscles to relax and ease into sleep much faster than before. I get a better nights rest and I feel well rested rather than restless and anxious when I wake up in the morning. I am almost in tears as I write this and I try to put words to the long awaited rest I have longed years for. I am healthier, happier and more well rested thanks to ChiliPad.

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To learn more about ChiliPad, their technology and benefits click here.