One Year: In Review

It is bittersweet to say we have completed one year of blogging. The year truly went by and while we are still learning so much we wanted to share with you what we have learned so far in our first year of blogging.

  • Connect with your community! Comment on photos and connect with those who are responding to you.
  • Find your tribe! Find a local community or Facebook group there are tons! They are a great forum that helps provide insight on what is going on in the blogging world. They are also a great support group.
  • Collaborations! You’re never too small to start collaborating. Start small, start local! It’s best to start building a basis especially locally in your community to provide for more content. You can utilize this as you grow in developing a longer lasting partnership as well as a building block to help you get the attention of larger brands.
  • Build a media kit!  This is an important way for you to show case your analytics to brands. Just because you don’t have a huge follower account doesn’t mean you’re not valuable! Focus on your engagement and impressions. This can go a long way with brands!
  • Rate yourself! Don’t sell yourself short and make sure to set up rates and have a rate sheet handy. Your time is valuable and you deserve to get paid for the quality work you are putting out. Truthfully this was a big learning curve for Rechelle and I during our first year blogging. We didn’t start asking until we hit our ‘goal’ follower account. To our surprise we had found out a close friend had been asking for rates whom had smaller followers than we did at the time. Once we started asking for paid collaborations we were surprised by the amount of yes’s over no’s we were receiving!
  • Don’t over promise and under deliver. This is important for both you and the brand. Never ever provide a deadline and don’t meet it unless something important has come up, in which communicate this with the brand/vendor.
  • Respond within 24 hours! Opportunities don’t happen everyday so make sure you are capitalizing on them when you can!
  • Follow up with brands. Make sure to let them know once a post has gone live and provide them with analytics once completed (we usually do this within one week). This also goes for if you don’t hear a response from a brand. Sometimes following up shows them that you have the initiative and desire to really work for them!
  • Utilize Instastories to show your followers behind the scenes and real moments. This also is a great engagement booster.
  • Balance your feed. Not every moment we have is a  pre-planned photoshoot. Make sure to balance your photos with real moments in between. It helps keep your authenticity with your followers.
  • Be authentic! It’s ok to find inspiration from other influencers and bloggers but it is important you put your own spin on it!
  • Don’t compare yourself. It’s hard not to get wrapped up when looking at someone’s life through a filter. Try to remember that your journey is incomparable to anyone else’s, that is what makes you so unique and beautiful! Rechelle wrote a beautiful post about comparison- read it here!

Apps we love using:
VSCO: favorite filters: A6, S2
UnUm: this is a great way to layout your feed to see if it looks cohesive!
Photoshop Fix: great for editing out graffiti or trash in the background. Also great way to edit some of the fly away hairs or wrinkle in your shirts!
SnapSeed: great way to selective edit spots in the photo. i.e. of part of the background is shadowed you can select edit and brighten your photo, same thing with saturation,
contrast and structure- this is a lifesaver!

Are you a blogger or influencer? What have you learned so far? Share below!

Kahla + Rechelle

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