Wedding Dress shopping: TV vs Reality

It’s been a little while since I have updated you on wedding planning so here is a quick update! We have all our vendors nailed down, were working on bridesmaids dresses and with only 5 months until the wedding ( how did that happen so fast ) we have everything planned except for small details that will surely pop up weeks before.

Like most girls, I have been dreaming of my wedding since I was 5 years old. As the years have passed my dream dress has changed so many times and the reality of what I thought I wanted versus what actually looks good on my body did too. Before getting engaged I was obsessed with the reality show “Say yes to the Dress” and it was always so fun watching these beautiful girls try on gorgeous dresses and the hardest part being which pretty dress to pick. Well this is where the TV vs Reality experience came to life for me. At my first dress appointment I was so excited/nervous about finding my dream dress and the fact that it was official – We were getting married! I walked with my stylist and showed her the styles I was interested in (a few of which she mentioned she didn’t think the samples would fit me). GASP! Now lets start here: I am a size 10, and I knew going in that the dresses wouldn’t fit me. I realize I am not a model and that my body type is more curvy than some but I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to even try on certain dresses because I was considered to “too big”. I was already feeling nervous and so this just made me feel discouraged. Fast forward back to the dressing room and trying on the first dress and you have me trying my hardest to squeeze into a dress, which was way too small and just made me feel fat and awkward. Yes, you heard that right, the first wedding dress I tried on made me feel fat, awkward and embarrassed to show my friends and family. Every dress I tried on after that was also too small and maybe it’s just me but something about jumping around naked in front of someone you don’t know trying to get sample size dresses to fit you really just didn’t make the experience enjoyable for me. Where was my moment of feeling so beautiful? Why didn’t these dresses even begin to fit a normal sized woman and where was my Say yes to the dress moment?

It’s safe to say that it didn’t happen for me, at least not at first. If you do research on bridal sizes it’s actually quite appalling the way they do them. For example, the dress that I did end up buying, the size that they picked for me in that style is 6 sizes bigger than my normal dress size. AND since the size that I am considered in bridal sizes, is a plus size I had to pay MORE MONEY for it. I was feeling so defeated that first day and even though not all of the dresses were significantly too small, every dress was too small for me and I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was an over weight bride. Which, lets be honest, is not how TV makes you feel about dress shopping.

Make sure to follow along in my journey because my next post is going to be about how to make sure you have an enjoyable time dress shopping and some tips for dresses that fit your body type. PLUS I am going to share a bridal boutique here in Seattle AND in 17 other cities that is body inclusive and took away my insecurities for when it came to picking “The One”.

XOXO, Rechelle

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  1. Justine

    I love this honest post! It is actually a battle curvey girls like us fight everyday. You try on a beautiful outfit you’ve seen on a gorgeous women and expect to look as beautiful as her, but almost everytime when you try it on and you take a look into the mirror reality hits you in the face. And yes, it makes you feel fat and awkward. I know it’s on us to change that, but that is often easier said than done. I would wish for company’s to also show their outfits on “bigger” women – not directly plus size but the in between type! Thanks for sharing your moment. I love your blog and you are definitely encouraging women who do not feel perfect:)

    • Rechelle

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read! It really is so frustrating that the industry doesn’t see larger/normal sized woman as the average. I’m with you that it needs to change and showing clothes on the middle sized woman is so necessary! Your support means the world.