We’re Engaged – And why we chose Blue Nile

Right after he asked me!

WE’RE ENGAGED! I am so excited to share with you our story and give you some details on the ring. We don’t talk a whole lot about our love life on here so I will give you guys a little extra deets on Erik and I. For those of you who don’t know, Erik and I met two years ago at Oktoberfest in Leavenworth. For anyone who says “you won’t meet your soulmate in a bar” I am here to tell you that it’s possible! After spending the weekend getting to know each other and finding out crazy similarities. Like how our birthdays are a day apart and that we used to live on the same block, we knew we needed to hang out again in Seattle. Fast forward two years and we are the happiest we have ever been – planning our WEDDING…eeeeek!


It’s so funny, when you get engaged almost everyone has the same questions. Did you know it was going to happen? Did you cry? Did you pick out your ring? Well here are MY answers: Yes, lol. I totally knew it was coming. Let me preface this by saying I don’t like surprises – the only way I like them is if you can catch me completely off guard and that rarely happens. Since we have been talking about getting married for almost a year it wasn’t a really a matter of him asking but where he was going to ask. Did I cry? No, lol. This question always catches me off guard… like should I have cried lol? But I was just way too excited and overwhelmed to shed tears. Stay tuned for the wedding – I will be a crying mess. Did you pick out your ring? YES! and I love it. I have always known that I wanted my ring to come from Blue Nile, and the reason for that is because they have the best diamond prices that I have seen and trust me when I tell you that I looked and looked for months. It was really important for me that Erik got the most for his money because buying a ring is a HUGE deal and it’s not something I will want to change in the future so we wanted to get it right the first time.


Blue Nile was so great to work with! What we love about them is that they have a showroom here in Seattle. It’s located in Bellevue square mall and we visited the store to try on a couple different settings to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted. I am so glad I did this because my mind was changed slightly from what I thought I wanted to what actually looked best on my finger.  I chose the petite micro pave band because I love how dainty it is. I wanted my main stone to be the focal point and I think the band really allows that to happen. I went with an oval stone because I love how it elongates my finger! Deciding against a halo was mostly because I see it so often, I love a halo and think it really adds something to a ring but for me, I wanted something different than what most of my friends have. On the Blue Nile website you can search diamonds and see real life 360 views of the diamond you are choosing. I probably looked at and saved in my “wishlist” about 4 ovals for Erik to choose from and sent the list to him. This made it so easy on his end because he knew that I had hand picked each diamond and was sure I would love which ever one he chose. All he had to do was complete the setting and purchase it! (well and plan the proposal of course)

How He Asked!

I have to be the hardest person on the plant to surprise and I am so impressed with Erik for where he chose to do it and why. We had plans to head to Othello to go fishing on the river with my dad (something that Erik and my dad really bond over) and so I thought Erik would ask the week before so that we could celebrate with them. Well, I anxiously waited all week so him to ask and every time we went to dinner or he said anything remotely out of character I got all excited thinking it was going to happen and then it wouldn’t. Well little did I know he had already had a plan in mind and I just needed to wait it out. So on Friday we got off work and packed up the car and started our way to Othello ( it’s like a 3 hour drive from Seattle) and were enjoying the car ride and talking about our week and doing normal road trip stuff. When it got time to take a significant turn, Erik kept going straight. He said he wanted to show me something and I immediately knew something was up. The tension in the car for the next 5 minutes was a little intense HA! We both sat in silence and I could feel how nervous he was getting ( cutest thing ever). He took me to the top of the national wild horse monument and it was one of the prettiest nights. I have driven past it a million times in my life because we go this way every time we drive home to Spokane but I have never actually gone all the way up and have always wanted to. We hopped out of the car, took in the scenery – it was pitch black – BUT you could see the moon reflecting off the river and the stars were shining in all their glory. He pulled me in, kissed me and told me how much he loved me – and some other things that I can’t remember because I am fairly certain I blacked out from excitement – and then he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. Truly the best moment of my life to date! I still catch myself staring at my ring and am so happy with the way it happened. Now every time we drive home to visit my family we get to drive past the place where my life changed for the better!

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  1. Morgan

    This ring is gorgeous! I’m shopping blue nile now! How many carats is your center stone if you don’t mind me asking? I’m trying to get an idea of carats sizes.

    • Rechelle

      Thank you so much! It’s 1.5 ct – Happy Ring hunting!