Will you be my Bridesmaid? – Greetabl

What is a wedding without your favorite people standing by your side? When I decided to ask my girls I knew I wanted to do it in a creative and memorable way – that’s why I chose Greetabl! Greetabl is a super easy online site that allows you to customize gifts that are unlike any other. The process of opening the box and peeling away the layers that present photos and words really got the girls so excited! I made sure to personalize each one so that they knew just how much they meant to me individually. The option to add a small git inside is also a great tool! I added in the pinch provision “to have and to hold it together” mini kits that will be such a help on the big day! It was full of more than 10 things that any lady would use on her wedding day or in their case while being a bridesmaid. 

To make the occasion even more special I had them out to lunch so they could open them together and we would be able to chat about the big day! Sadly only 3 of my 6 live in Seattle, so I wasn’t able to get them all together but it was still special to share in this moment together.

Greetabl is the perfect way to give someone special a truly unique gift that has a lot of thought put into it. The process is super easy and the website gives you enough options that you can make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Check them out here! And use code SEAOFSANCTUARY for 15% off $50!