Travel Diaries: Thailand


We didn’t spend much time in Bangkok as we wish we could have. When Chris and I travel we are the type to jam in as much as possible and then come back feeling like we need a vacation from our vacation. While we didn’t get much time in Bangkok, here was our favorite thing we did while we were there.

Floating Market:

While this isn’t directly in the city it was worth the venture out of all the hustle and bustle to see a collection of boats piled high with fruits and veggies, fresh coconut juice and made to order food straight from their boat to yours.

Must try: Mango sticky rice.

Chiang Mai

When I think of Thailand my first recommendation is for everyone to see Chiang Mai. From the night markets to the temples the city is a true Thailand experience. Here we stayed in two places: a tree house far outside the city and a boutique hotel close to the city center, Both were completely different experiences and well worth the trip. An hour outside the city is Rabeang Pasak Treehouse. We spent our days waking up early to local Buddhists morning prayers, followed by either a morning jog down to the dam or a bike ride into the jungle. If you enjoy camping and are willing to make the extra trek out of the city then I would say this place is worthwhile in checking out.

Elephant Nature Park:

Located 40 miles outside of Chiang Mai is a place called Elephant Nature Park. ENP’s purpose is to provide a sanctuary and rescue center for dozens of elephants from all over Thailand. While most tourist attractions take a “Saddle On” approach, ENP provides education on the importance of a “Saddle Off” experience. We chose the Sunshine for Elephants experience which included feeding the elephants, walking with them through the park and bathing them in the river. Tip: book early and pack tissues- after learning everything that ENP provides to all of their animals on site you will have an appreciation for everything they are doing for Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands

After a plane ride and a ferry we found ourselves exploring the Phi Phi Islands, perfect to explore for a day (or in our case a few). Our hotel was located in a secluded location only accessible by boat or hike. (photo above is the view from the top)

Take a long tail boat out to Maya Bay (aka The Beach) and snorkel with vibrant fish, bask in the sun and enjoy some of the most notable blue water around.


By the time we got back to Phuket we were ready to relax and at Thavorn Village Beach and Spa we were able to do exactly just that. The grounds are beautiful (both the first photo and the one above were taken here) and not to mention the food was phenomenal. Onsite they have a private beach, full spa and a couple of restaurants. It was the perfect way to end one of our favorite adventures yet.

I look forward to sharing some more adventures with you soon.