Travel Guide: Vancouver, BC

The great thing about living in Washington is that we are a short drive to many beautiful places. Vancouver is only 3 hours away and it happens to be one of my favorite cities. Much like Seattle it rains a lot in the winter and is gorgeous is the summer. I have gone twice already this year so im rounding up my favorite things to do there!

1. Granville Island

I love all Farmers Markets but this one is different than any I have been to in America. It was packed full of fresh handmade pastas, delicate desserts and really interesting cuts of meat.

2. Stanley Park

This park is surrounded by beautiful waters. With it stretching over 850 acres there is so much to see and do. It truly is so spectacular you could spend a whole day just exploring it (if nature is your thing). I was especially excited when we saw black squirrels. Call me crazy but this was first time seeing them and it was quite a sight.

3. Vancouver Aquarium

Nestled inside Stanley Park is the Vancouver Aquarium. When I was first told to go to the aquarium as a sight seeing activity I laughed a little, “I’m an adult I do this with my nanny kids all the time, I don’t need to see yet another aquarium” BUT man I glad that I went anyways. Not only can you drink beer and wine, but it filled with so much to see and touch that it was such a wonderful addition to our trip.

4. Lynn Canyon Park

This was such a great experience. When researching things to do I saw that Capilano suspension bridge was on the top of the list but after doing more research found out to it can be quite the tourist trap. With a quick question in the group (Girls Love Travel) I was re-directed to Lynn Canyon. Which also has a suspension bridge and trail that leads to other waterfalls and pools. It made for a great Saturday afternoon hike.

Vancouver really is such a gorgeous place to visit. From the architecture on historic buildings to the great outdoors and not even to mention all the wonderful food this trip surely didn’t disappoint and I plan to go back many more times.

XOXO, Rechelle