Travel Guide: Dear Paris

Dear Paris, I love you. You were both unexpected and totally breathtaking. Around every corner you became more beautiful and my journey with you was too short. I know I will be visiting again soon.
We were only in Paris for a couple of days and it definitely was not enough time to explore the city. I’ve highlighted my favorite parts of the city (and a few we learned while we were there) . 

We took a tour bus and bought a two day pass. It was a great way to see the city as they run frequently and stop at almost every monument along the way including one that was only a few blocks from our AirBnb. Here are a few things we stopped and saw along our tour! 
Eiffel Tower: See it at night and again during the day. The twinkling lights at night set a romantic tone to the city and one of the many reasons they call this the city of love! I recommend buying a fast pass it saves you half the time. We did a picnic before hand in the park near by and it was a lot of fun sitting just below the tower drinking wine with fresh cheese and meats. Once we finally made it through the lines and two elevators to get up top (que my panic the entire ride up due to fear of heights) I deserved a glass of champagne from the bar to keep my nerves calmed as we peered over to see the breathtaking views of the city. 
Notre Dame: don’t be intimidated by the line it went fast, it is free to get in and the cathedral is spectacular inside. There are no words to quiet describe the beauty of this place until you step inside and see it for yourself. It will take your breath away. 
Louvre: don’t make the mistake we did. Plan this adventure out ahead of time. When we walked up the line to get a ticket was 3 hours long. They are closed Tuesdays so note that before going. Buy tickets in advance and checkout this article here that highlights potential ways to get into the Louvre faster. The outside is spectacular and it seems endless to walk around. Don’t miss the garden (we did the first time around and decided to go back to take some photos). 
Le Palais Royal: Next to the Louvre is this gem where their are more beautiful gardens and black and white stripe pedestals.  It is free and open to the public plus it is right near the Louvre. Le Palais Royal was once the home to a royal residence (during the regency of Anne of Austria) and then the seat of the Orléans family from 1661.
Arc Di Triomphe: We didn’t get to see the Arc Di Triomphe up close since we got off a few stops early to grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping (I mean when in Paris right?) but you can see it from Champs-Elysees Ave and it is beautiful at sunset. 


I am a big foodie and luckily so was everyone else in our group so while my skinny jeans did not appreciate the love I enjoyed every last bite we ate. Here were a few spots we enjoyed and would go back to if we did it again. 
Café Panis: Their cappuccinos were delicious and so was their french onion soup. 
Crêperie Gigi: You have to have crepes in Paris and this restaurant offered both savory and sweet + the service was fantastic. They spent the time to translate the menu and tell us their favorites. The truffle ham was my favorite savory while the salted caramel had me wanting to lick the plate.  
Picnic at the Eiffel Tower: While this wasn’t a “restaurant” it was worth the mention. The rose we had was the perfect balance between dry and sweet plus who can beat fresh charcuterie tray? The dessert provided in the picnic, a chocolate cake of some sort, was quoted by one in our group “better than sex” I will say I had to agree, it was delicious! We ordered the picnic for two, which ended up being plenty of food for the five of us to share!
Le Relais de l’Entrecôte: STEAK FRITES!! If there is one place you should try it is Le Relais de l’Entrecôte known for their steak frites. They only have one option on the menu and make sure to go early because the place fills up fast. We got there about 10 minutes after they were opened and every table was filled so we had to wait in line. Thankfully it only took about 20 minutes or so before we were seated. The service is speedy and fast and you will leave filling full and satisfied. 
Ladurée: macaroons. I mean you can’t go wrong. 

We will definitely be back and this time around we will plan accordingly to see more museums monuments and tours! 

Have you been to Paris before? What was your favorite part? Share below!