Our Top 5 Favorite things we did in Bali

This post has been a long time coming so we appreciate your patience with us as we wrote this. Our trip to Bali was so memorable it has been hard to narrow down our favorite activities. With so much to see and do we decided it was best for us to name our top 5 favorite activities we did. So lets get started!

Monkey Forest Ubud –


This place was such a highlight of the trip. I (Rechelle) was at first really nervous about the whole idea of going to the sanctuary. I like monkeys, but have heard that they can be aggressive and some obviously can carry diseases. Much to my surprise the Sanctuary was very well ran, clean and the monkeys if treated appropriately were very tame. You were able to buy bananas – which definitely attract them – and be aware that the monkeys have no problems jumping on you to snag one. For the most part they were very gentle but you need to remember that you are in their territory and you should treat them like wild animals and not pets. I think the baby monkeys were my favorite! We didn’t touch any because they warn you that the mothers are very protective but we were able to hand a few some bananas and got extremely close to the tiny guys. The whole sanctuary is a loop and while walking through their are small shop and temples. Our advice to you would be to not wear anything they could possible snag from you like sunglasses or flashy earrings. There is a list of rules you should follow at the front as well in case you are worried. However, it was very entertaining and definitely worth the trip. We would go back again!


Tegalalang Rice Terrace –

This was a huge priority on our list and it did not disappoint. Truly one of the most breath taking places we have ever visited. Pictures do not do is justice. The area is very large so even with many tourists we were able to still snap pictures and not feel over crowded. There were many shops and restaurants that over looked the fields so it was a perfect place to stop wander around and enjoy lunch. We will say that it does involve a little bit of hiking but nothing extreme, most of us were in sandals and did just fine. While you are not allowed to climb up the terrace you may walk out into them which we though was really fun and photo worthy! One highlight of this place is that they had a swing! So if swinging above the rice terrace is on your list then this is a must. This wasn’t the best swing we found in Bali though, that’s next on our list!


Bali Swing –

When researching things we wanted to do in Bali this was also something we came across that looked so fun. When you mix a little adrenaline in with a beautiful view how could you say no? The Bali swing park has a swing for anyone, there was a small and slow, a slightly higher and faster one and then the adrenaline swing. Included with your swing price was a buffet and drinks, they served traditional Balinese food and those of us that ate said that it was ok. We highly recommend getting there super early as the lines for the swing can take some time if there are lots of people. The swing park over looked a river, and the beautiful jungle. It was definitely one of the most Instagramable spots that we visited while in Bali. In addition to swings they had nests that you could climb up into that were fun and photogenic. We visited these swings before heading to the rice terrace and it was the perfect addition to a day in Ubud.


Tegenungan Waterfall –


There are so many waterfalls in Bali that it was hard to pick just one. We chose Tegenungan because it was closest to where we were staying and from the photos on Instagram, it looked so beautiful. Upon arrival, you walk through a small market and then down many stairs to get to the river and waterfall. Once at the river you are immediately greeted with the fresh water spraying down on you from how close you are to the waterfall. With as warm as the temperatures were in Bali this was such a refreshing feeling. There was a small landing where you could walk out to get close up photos and there you could really feel the power of the waterfall! Take a quick walk across a log to get to the other side and there was yet again another swing. We obviously have a thing for swings at this point. The photos from this location are some of my favorite from the trip. We again recommend going early because as the day goes on the more people show up, thankfully with the time change our bodies were up early almost everyday.

Lempuyang Temple –

This temple was so incredible! Like stated above, pictures just don’t do it justice. Depending on what part of Bali you are staying in, this might be a trek. Located in East Bali, near the Karangasem Sub-District, this temple is pretty far away from everything, which means that for now, it remains a relatively quiet Hindu temple. It was about a two hour drive from our villa and the road to get there was narrow and windy. It might have been all the cocktails from the day before but it made me a little nervous. The whole time you are driving there you are either greeted by ocean views, rice fields or volcano views. Once arriving at the top of the hill you must pay a small donation and also a fee for borrowing a sarong and shawl.

It isn’t hard to see why this place is nicknamed the Gateway to Heaven! It is nothing short of magical, you really do get the feeling that you could talk a big leap and reach out to touch the fluffy white clouds. Walking the whole grounds takes 4-5 hours, we decided to just see a few and head back so we didn’t see all that it had to offer but were very happy we made the trip.

Bali was nothing short of spectacular and we would definitely take the 22 hour travel day to get there again to see more. I think our biggest regret was that we didn’t go for longer! We hope you enjoy the places that we recommend and please let us know your thoughts! We’re already planning our next trips so keep following along!