Travel Diaries: 3 Days In Munich

We only had 3 days in Munich so we were on the go from the start! We were so excited to explore a city rich in history and vast in places to see.

What to Do:

We unfortunately spent the first day mostly recouping what our airline had lost in luggage so we didn’t get to see as much as we wanted to, but we did make the most out of the time we had!

Residenz Munich: Located in the heart of the city is Residenz Munich originally built in 1385. It is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. Much like Nymphenburg Palace the paintings and intricate details to the 130 rooms onsite will take your breath away. There are three main parts to the Residenz in which we visited the Alte Residenz, but also includes: Königsbau and Festsaalbau (located near the theatre). The hall of Antiquites (impossible to miss on the tour) is something that will take your breath away! It is the largest Renaissance hall north of the Alps and is adorned with floor the ceiling paintings down the large barrel hall. Pictures truly can’t do it justice!

Eisbach: located in the English Garden is Eisbach a river where you can find locals waiting in line to surf the waves. It was interesting to watch as each side was lined with people even in the pouring rain and chilly weather hop on and ride. Taking less than 30 minutes of your time (or however long you’d like to spend) it was worth the watch! Afterwards walk the garden it’s large, lush and beautiful and I imagine on a beautiful sunny day it is swarmed with people strolling the paths and having picnics in the park.

Nymphenburg Palace: This palace built in 1675 is surrounded by 490 acres of lush gardens and was the summer home to the rulers of Bavaria, It is now open to the public and houses the House of Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria. Intricate paintings from floor to ceiling and gold details make this palace extraordinary to see. Each room has it’s own story and some rooms even have their original furniture. Outside the Palace is the massive gorgeous garden and surrounding buildings. They have a river than runs down the center of the grounds and on days where weather permits they provide gondola rides you can take. Make sure to check out the restaurant located in one of the pavilions on site. It was an unexpected find with delicious food and great ambiance!

Marienplatz: On a total whim we decided to head to Marienplatz after walking through the Nymphenburg Palace and got incredibly lucky to see Glockenspiel play which only happens at 11 am, 12pm and 5pm everyday (with the exception of the winter November- February there is no 5pm showing). It was incredibly fun to watch and something you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting Munich. Afterwards the town square is lined with shops and restaurants so it’s the perfect pit stop between tourist activities!

Where to Stay: 25Hours Hotel

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Surrounded by the bustling city and right across from the train station lies the 25hours Hotel. With a bright neon peacock sign greeting you upfront and intricately decorated elevators that take you to the lobby this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination. Every inch of the hotel is uniquely designed from the stuffed swan chair, typewriters in the hallways and retro phones in the room combines a mix of modern and unique decor. Not only is the decor on point but so is everything else on site. For starters, the bed is so comfortable one day we unknowingly slept in until 11 am and were woken up by housekeeping! They have a wonderful gym and sauna onsite which was a perfect way to wind down our evening after walking around all day. To top it off the restaurants and bar located in the hotel were INCREDIBLE (sharing my review for each below!). It felt like we didn’t need to leave and if we had more time we could’ve spent an entire day just relaxing onsite. It was a bonus, but something we didn’t end up taking advantage of: the hotel offers free car rental and bike rental within the city.

Where to Eat:

Hofbräuhaus:  Built over 500 years ago is a traditional beer hall in the city where you can snag a pretzel from waitresses walking around with baskets full and fun live music. It was a fun pit stop for a quick beer (or Radler in our case which is beer mixed with lemonade) and traditional Bavarian food.

Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus: located onsite of the Nymphenburg Palace this cute restaurant was a perfect spot to stop after wandering the grounds in the rain. The cozy interior with fresh greenery and loads of daylight created a nice ambiance that we enjoyed. The chili risotto was the highlight to our meal and we sipped on some spiked coffee before venturing back out in the rain.

Neni: By far the highlight meal to our trip this restaurant is located within 25hours Hotel and was fantastic. The restaurant is named after the owners 4 sons and is a contemporary take on Israeli food. The ambiance during the day (it is also where the hotel serves breakfast) is lush greenery and eclectic decor with fun quoted neon signs throughout keeping the same theme as the hotel with a bohemian twist. We indulged and tried the Pomelo-Salat: a smoked mackerel salad with citrus vinaigrette, and Hamshuka: humus, minced beef and lamb with pita bread both dishes balanced together beautifully. Make sure to get a reservation early we walked down one night and had to wait until 10PM to get an opening (but it was worth the wait!).

Boiler Room (drinks): Dim lit with old bookcases and leather couches felt like a nod to an old speakeasy. This place was pretty popular every night although we didn’t have to wait long to find a seat. We came for craft cocktails and ended up trying the majority of the menu. They were delicious and my favorites were the Gin Basil and London Buck!

Our only regret was not making it out to Neuweitzchen Castle. If we had more time we definitely would have made the trip. Given the two palaces we saw in the city we couldn’t even imagine what Neuweitzchen would look like in person!